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Who we are

BRANDXCHANGE - for limitless fame and success!

Brandxchange is a young enterprise which is backed by decades of experience, with a focus of creating smooth and unbroken connections between the finest talents, the best brands and the high-speed, glamorous world of TV and movie production houses. We endeavour to bring the world's best brands, talents and the biggest production houses on a common platform which will be a lucrative, time-saving exchange of designs, concepts – without the trouble of strenuous searches for the perfect product that will suit all requirements.

Our Dream for Your Brand

Making your brand a favourite among some of the most influential production houses in India and the world. JOIN US AND CONNECT WITH SUCCESS.

Our Dream for Your Production House

We endeavour to ensure seamless and profitable transactions between you and some of the worlds best brands and designers. JOIN US AND CONNECT WITH SUCCESS.

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What we do

The Services

Assured Safety


Safety ensured in all financial and personal transactions

Privacy Protection


Privacy protection is our top priority

Trusted Platform


Trusted and renowned brands, production houses and designers on a common platform



Be it costume designers or jewellery designers or brands - Brandxchange is the one-stop-solution that will give you and your brand the ultimate chance to be in touch with some of the biggest and grandest TV and movie production houses in India and the world over.

As for production houses - Brandxchange enables you to save time, effort of discovery and money that usually goes into searching for the perfect brands and designers who are a perfect match with all your requirements.

Brandxchange will be your constant support and communication partner from the initial introduction to right up to the culmination of the project - thus ensuring seamless and hassle-free exchange of ideas, products and due credits.

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The Dream Team

Meet the outstanding team at Brandxchange, who will be your guides, philosophers and friends throughout your journey to immeasurable success!

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105/17, 9th Street, G-Block (4th Floor), Anna Nagar East, Chennai - 600102
+91 99628 55567
(Mon-Fri: 10.00AM-6.00PM)
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